We use quality, high-end products such as Yon-Ka Paris, PCA Skin and Dermalogica for all our skincare services.


Yon-Ka Paris is a professional French-made phyto-aromatic skin care brand. Its plant cell-active products rely on the power of their essential oil complex, Quintessence. This elixir combines 5 essential oil concentrations: lavender, geranium, cypress, rosemary, and thyme. In perfect synergy from precise measurements they work to treat, heal and restore the skin.

Another important element of essential oils is aromatherapy. It helps restore the skin’s energies through sensory stimuli and through the delivery of good properties into the skin. Essential oils are anti-bacterial, detoxifying, promotes healthy circulation, and drains lymphatics. These components, combined with “gold standard” actives such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, polyphenols, peptides, and AHAs target aging and address all the potential issues of the skin. 


Yon-Ka products provide an alternative answer and compliment to medical aesthetic techniques, ensuring visible and long-lasting results with non-aggressive treatments.

Yon-Ka products are manufactured in France; they are not tested on animals and respect a precise formulation charter. They do not contain parabens, aluminum salts, SLS, MIT, Triclosan.

PCA Skin is a leader in skincare innovation for over 25 years. It is free of synthetic dyes and fragrances and does not perform or condone animal testing. Their products have clinically-backed research and are formulated with ingredients naturally found and compatible in the human body. 

Blends of safe and effective peeling ingredients break down surface build up, and there are formulations for all skin types including sensitive skin.

PCA Skin peels diminish the damage of sun exposure causing visible aging and discoloration; damage caused by hormone shifts or skin injuries, and also helps you take control of your skin from acne. By bringing new cells to the surface it reduces the fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots and clears breakouts.


We will customize a treatment plan building from your first treatment to your next to always make sure your skin is ready for transformation.

Dermalogica is a state-of-the-art, professional-grade, skin care system based in Los Angeles. Their products are made in the USA, are cruelty-free, gluten- free, paraben-free, vegan, and have no artificial fragrances or colors.

Founded by a skin therapist, Dermalogica skin treatments include exfoliation, double cleanse, extractions, and tailor made customized massage and masque techniques. A skin treatment is client-specific according to their skin needs, designed specifically for them.


By creating solutions that work, Dermalogica utilizes the latest advances in ingredient technology for innovative products and services. Together with age-old treatment traditions to revive total body wellness, Dermalogica aims to actively improve the skin and reach optimum skin health for today’s client.

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